Society of Angels

These are the distinguished members who have left their mark with Cincinnati Opera.

As a member of the Society of Angels, the commitment of a donor serves as a foundation for the future for Cincinnati Opera. Th­eir support allows us to climb higher, strive further, and reach for our creative and artistic ideals.

Established in 1992, the Society of Angels was formed to recognize individuals who have chosen to leave a planned gift for Cincinnati Opera. The Society of Angels' members are distinguished men and women committed to the continued excellence of Cincinnati Opera, which can only be achieved through private financial support and the building of the endowment fund. The Society seeks to:

  • Increase the level of support from friends of the Opera.
  • Provide a unique framework within which planned gifts can be made and recognized
  • Stimulate interest and involvement in the future of Cincinnati Opera

For more information on how to become a Society of Angels member by making arrangements for a planned gift to benefit Cincinnati Opera, please call Sneja Tomassian at (513) 768-5527.

Cincinnati Opera acknowledges with deep gratitude the generosity of the following donors who have remembered and notified the company of their planned gifts. These legacy gifts ensure the Cincinnati Opera's future excellence and are a lasting tribute to the foresight of the distinguished members of Cincinnati Opera's Society of Angels*.

Anonymous (4)
Frank and Janet Andress
Scott Atkinson and Christopher D. Edwards
Mr. Boris Auerbach
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Baker
Ms. Henrietta Barlag
Mr. Albert M. Bary
Christopher Baucom
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Bavaria
Patricia K. and James D. Beggs
Dorothy Anne Blatt
Marlene and Robert Boden
Lois and Joseph Brenner
Charlin and Peter Briggs
Mary and Joe Brinkmeyer
A.K. and Gibby Carey
Arthur B. Casper
Mrs. Jackson L. Clagett III
Norma L. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Colker
Jane Copper-Short and John Short
Virginia K. Cover
Cathy and Tom Crain
Dr. Alvin H. and Alva Jean Crawford
Mr. Daniel B. and Dr. Margaret G. Cunningham
Mr. Harrison R.T. Davis
Harry and Linda Fath
Mr. Kingston Fletcher
Dr. Donald W. Good
Madeleine H. Gordon
Marlesa A. Gray
Barbara and Jack Hahn, D.D.S.
Kevin D. Brady and The David G. Hakes Charitable Trust
Dr. and Mrs. Morton L. Harshman
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hasl
Janet and Cornelius Hauck
Hon. and Mrs. Dennis S. Helmick
Don and Donna* Hoffman
Julia M.F.B. Jackson
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Kerstine
Sarajane and Richard King
Patrick M. Korb
Roberta and Jeffrey P. Huhn
Elizabeth and Ken Kuresman
Marjorie and Lawrence H. Kyte, Jr.
Richard and Susan Lauf
Anne and John* Lawrence, Jr.
Gail Lennig and Gene Santoro*
Adele and Thomas Lippert
Joanie D. and William H. Lotts
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Lyon
Susan Sterrit Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Issam Minkarah
Gloria and Arnold Morelli
Norbert and Linnea Nadel
Robert and Carol Olson
Marge and Tom Osterman
Marilyn Z. Ott
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Parlin III
Mr. Charles Parsons
Nicholas Payne and Cynthia Heinrich
Ms. Marilyn W. Peters
Doug Ignatius and Bruce Preston
Mr. Thomas F. Rehme
Ellen and George* Rieveschl
Edward and Nancy Rosenthal
Solveiga Rush
Emalee Schavel
Kenneth C. Schonberg and Deborah Schultz
Zell Schulman
Trudie and Kurt* Seybold
Edward B. Silberstein, M.D. and Jacqueline M. Mack
Thomas S. Smith
Frank Stewart
Brett Stover
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Stuhlreyer III
Nydia C. Tranter
Dick and Jane Tuten
Barbara and Irwin Weinberg
Anne M. Werner
Jeannine Winkelmann and John Winkelmann, M.D.
Harris W. Wright
Dr. Atsuko Yatani

Cincinnati Opera acknowledges the following estate gifts:
Estate of Mary Elizabeth Andrews Trust
Estate of Thomas F. Buck
Estate of Ellen K. Burroughs
Estate of Thomas W. Busse
Estate of Wm. Rowell Chase
Estate of Mrs. Marno Christensen
Estate of Patricia A. Corbett
Estate of Wilma B. Cowley
Estate of Virginia Curry
Estate of Miss Emilie T. Curry
Estate of Mary E. Day
Estate of Luba Matiuk Dorman
Estate of Ed P. Dundon
Estate of Helen T. Ehlers
Estate of Miss Natalie Feld
Estate of Katherine H. Groll
Estate of Mrs. Eleanor Hazelton
Estate of Mrs. Jean L. Hermann
Estate of Anita Mae Imholt
Estate of Rosemary R. Longano
Estate of Dr. Stanley Kaplan
Estate of Ruth Koehl
Estate of Tailitha P. Kluver
Estate of Linda and Samuel Kramer, M.D.
Estate of Elizabeth W. Kyte
Estate of Elma Lapp
Estate of Rosemary R. Longano
Estate of Mrs. Richardson McKinney
Estate of Bill Nimmo
Estate of Margaret Ohanian
Estate of Maurice E. Oshry
The Pearlman Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Estate of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Roder
Estate of Marilyn A. Russley
Estate of Joanne T. Santangelo
Estate of Anna Jo and William Selnick
Estate of Miss Charlotte L. Shockley
Estate of Charlotte E. Smith
Estate of Carolyn and Fred Strebel
Estate of Mrs. Italo Tajo
Estate of Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wilson
Estate of Lura Carnes Wine


Membership as of May, 2015

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